Oskaloosa, Iowa

What were you thinking when thought of the idea!how are you going to hold that little black tear drop of shame and try to hold you hair in place at the same time.

how many hand do you think we have? I know I have two, I don't know about you though. Also putting it though the paper was really *** because you have these little peaces of paper sticking out of the little black tear.

Just asking who thought this was a good idea?

- people that have better things to do then to open my booby-pins

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Ive been using conair bobby pins since I was a kid ( 30+) years.Today for the first time did I use the bony pin opener.

It stretched out the pin which I ended up discarding.

Eliminating that bobby pin opener from your packaging would not only help limit manufactured plastics and help the environment in some way, but I'm sure would cut down your overhead and increase your profit.Not that that matters to me but eliminating that small piece of plastic would make a huge long term effect on protecting the environment.


The cardboard is supposed to be left intact.The illustration shows you how to move the bobby pin across the plastic teardrop to open them up.

It actually does work. What confuses me is that, in order to do this you need two hands. How are you supposed to hold your hair in place? Unless perhaps you squeeze the package of bobby pins between your knees in order to use the handy-dandy bobby pin opener?

One hand holding the hair, the other using the opener and then applying the pin and your knees doing the work of holding the opener.

Wow.I've spent much too much time on this.

Sand Springs, Oklahoma, United States #1346595

The opener looked good, concept was even good.I doesn't work at all.

I have no thumbnail& this is an absolute mess!!!

I see why there was no instructions.

I want my money back, plus an illustration.I'm in good company, I see.


It doesn't open u put the part where the Bobby pin opens in between the end of the opener thing where the arrow is pointing and push on the Bobby pin and it will open your Bobby pin


I broke the black thing trying to open it because there was paper sticking out of it. Needless to say I didn't get to use it.Instructions on package would've been helpful.


My thoughts EXACTLY!!!


Heheh, before seeing if anyone was having trouble with the opener I decided to try and figure it out.I ended with the same result as most of you, black opener with cardboard coming out of it.

I too thought you could open it and it wouldn't open. Would definitely be a good idea to at least put instructions on the back so we all don't end up alcoholics or angry birds, or turning into those people who are getting mad at us bc we are mad at the *** bobby pin opener. ffs. I think we can all agree that this idea is not complete and needs work.

I'll go back to using my hands to my bobby pins in.



This is how you use it... enjoy!

New Braunfels, Texas, United States #955768

I thought that perhaps it was supposed to open, as it looks as though it may be two pieces stuck together.Alas, after repeated attempts to open it, (at least maybe get the *** paper off) I got pliers and thoroughly beat it all to ***.

Anger issues, I know.

One useless chunk of plastic (and paper, that paper does NOT give up the ghost) and a glass of wine later, I decided to have a look and see if anyone else was having issue with this fantastically inane and strangely infuriating object.Thank you internet for validating me.

to Sourpunch #1020013

you need a *** glass of wine just because you cant figure out a piece of plastic that isn't even necessary to use?it's not like you wasted money on the gimmick...

this pack (with the convenient carry case, and the undesirable plastic teardrop) was the same price as a regular pack of bobby pins that will just fall off the flimsy cardboard and be lost to you forever...

look at the bright side, at least your bobby pins have a nice travel case.

god, your trivial, first world problems make me severely pity whoever has to live with you.either that or you're an alcoholic who just decided to use her bobby pins as an excuse for a drink...

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